10 Feb 2015

// ofx CV + Ofx ArDrone

My original intention for this project was to get a head start on the hardware platform I wanted to use for my final project.  (see info viz sketch)  The first steps would entail combining Kyle Mcdonald’s ofx CV and the ArDrone add on.  This would enable the drone to have a more precise self awareness and guidance protocol.  The end goal would be to use a cv frame to guide a drone to specific points within that frame.

The first challenge was to get the add ons to compile on their own.  There were some disparities in software versions which made this step alone, quite difficult.  Once this was achieved a relative bare bones combination was compiled with relative success.  However, there were many remaining hardware and communication protocols that were left to be resolved close to the due date so the project was shifted.


// ofx CV + ofx rollCam

The next iteration was an attempt to combine ofxCV with a screen based output instead.  The process of creating a compilable version went a bit more smoothly, however this app was much more dependent on my knowledge of C++.  The main challenges included deciphering the correct protocol for blob tracking within ofx CV.  With the introduction of my own code the compile ability of the app began to suffer.  Currently the app does not yet function, although it is getting close.