24 Mar 2015

Parametric / Procedural Dresses.

I see two common themes in parametric dresses and procedural dresses.

1. A study in making flexible materials. This means creating some sort of fold-able pattern that can be iterated though out the dress.

2. Trying to fit an algorithmic shape to bend with the body.

For my final project of a transforming dress, its not really important for the dress to by physically fold-able. However these flexible algorithms may be important because they are modular. This means that I can manipulate each individual shape on the dress. For example a parameter for the triangular dress, would be for the triangles to pop out and flatten.

The second theme of the dresses is much more important. I think for my project I have to figure out the curves that fit on a body and develop my procedural meshes using those curves so that they may be able to actually fit on the clothes.

A lot of these dresses are put onto hot fashion models. To be unique and also because I’m personally not super attached to fashion. I’m considering making outfits for an old king or young girl.

timthumb images jessica_dress3 1b0c61ed0b47d1c0e2aac04b6b4218ff milla-jovovich-iris-van-herpen-chanel-sn1 outofhand-3d-dress-michael-schmidt