Simple Harmonic Motion from Memo Akten

Explained: A series of projects exploring the sonification mathematic principles, namely the sonic and visual interplay of pendulums with increasing wavelengths.

Chosen: I remember seeing this video a little while back (which Memo actually does cite on the project page), and thought it was awesome, so it’s kind of been in the back of my mind for a while now.

Critiqued: Although he has 9 different implementations in the series — each one an evolution of the one before — there’s not much difference between each one. There’s really only one thing to explore with the whole pendulum thing, and it was explored with #1; the next 8 explorations are redundant. I like the concept and execution of the entire thing, but not the stagnation. Also the artsy description of the meaning behind the work makes me gag.

Related: Again, see here.

Darkstar: Gold from from Sembler for Hyperdub Records

Explained: A music video for Darkstar’s Gold that uses 3D scans of the band members captured and visualized with OF.

Chosen: It’s a unique implementation of OF — a music video. What makes that notable, is that this is not an interactive work, it’s something that’s been highly edited and post-processed with After Effects and Cinema4D.

Critiqued: The band member’s faces creep me out a bit, but I guess that’s not sembler’s fault.

Related: The scans were created with Kyle Mcdonald’s Structured Light addon (which doesn’t seem to be available on

Sembler also has a Processing port of the app embedded online, with the project source included.

The entire thing is actually kind of reminiscent of the House. M.D. opening title.