John Choi

12 Feb 2015

It might just be me so far, but I didn’t really have a good experience using OpenFrameworks. It seems to me that almost nothing works! Documentation to install OpenFrameworks and getting it running on Windows is sparse at best, and documentation for the contributed Addons are virtually nonexistent. Compile times are long, even to tweak minor settings, and the output log is hard to understand.  I hold much respect for the people that make and maintain OpenFrameworks for the world to use for free, but personally I have to wonder, why on earth would I ever use OpenFrameworks when software like Processing is around?

Anyways, the two libraries I chose were the ofxFlock and ofxBlur libraries, by mummey and kylemcdonald, respectively.

Here are the links for the two libraries:

I originally wanted to use the ofxASR addon by kitschpatrol with the ofxExplodingString by armadillu to make a project that hears what you say, prints your speech, and then explodes it.  However, trying to install either of them was really, really difficult and I couldn’t get it working.  ASR wants a bunch of other libraries installed to work with it, and ExplodingString expects an iPhone (which I don’t have).  So, I went with the Flock and Blur libraries primarily because they worked on Windows without much hassle.  In any case, we have a working project with an blurry flock of triangles.

Here’s a screenshot:

And here’s the github repository: