Matthew Kellogg – Dictated But Not Read

DicTayTiddBotNaTread (dictated but not read), is a bot that reads itself quotes from an online API from, and transcribes them to some words by using (poorly) the CMU pronouncing dictionary. This is my primary project for assignment 3.

Bio: I copy quotes read to me from  (not affiliated). Also, I’m a bot, so I say rude things unintentionally. My creator is 

I got the idea from how smart phones transcribe text fairly well nowadays. Why not have a bot dictate its tweets? What could go wrong?


Essentially, what I hoped to achieve was to create permutations of words that had syllables in the same order as the original text. I feel I managed to do this well. I enjoy trying to read some of the results, as they don’t make sense unless you throw all the syllables together and speak them allowed. I don’t have any particular tweets that I enjoy, but I find some of the translations fun. For instance “circumstances” became “cirque ‘m stan says”, and “over reality” became “eaux ver ree ala t.”. I also had the realization that I could easily come across some of the ruder words and phrases. As I did not wish to take the time to filter these, I added a disclaimer.

I believe that my bot is a FEED type because it gives you reworded quotes. Though it may also be a MEAT type as it somewhat generates its own content based on a base text.