10 Feb 2015

Addons Used: ofxFX, ofxFluids

What inspired you to combine the capabilities of these two libraries?
I used the addons ofxFx and ofxFluids in this project. I wanted to create a scene that looked organic and somewhat abstract. I used ofxFx so that I could make use of the gray scott reaction diffusion functions that make it really easy for shapes to become less rigid looking and build up organic forms; this helped create the fuzzy look. I start the reaction diffusion process  with randomly placed circles all across the canvas and set the color to darken over time. This repeats over and over resulting in flashes of brighter color that flickers across the screen. I like that this effect gives the scene more energy. I used the ofxFluid addon to add a whispy visual when the user clicks. I was hoping that this would liven up the image overall because after the first few seconds the whole scene settles into place.