Priya Ganadas- Looking Outwards1

1. “WikiGalaxy” by Own Cornec

WikiGalaxy is 3D visualisation of wikipedia articles. What I like the most about this project is that the metaphor of galaxy that has been used. Wikipedia articles are related to each other. When I read about something I don’t know the definition of that word always has two,three words I go back and find again on wiki. I feel the connected-ness of the wiki articles are depicted beautifully by the artist.  Also, wikipedia is like a galaxy of articles that is interconnected which forms a universe of its own. I find the visualisation pretty neat, especially the fly through animations and the features of UI- map and  ability to turn off the UI and exploring random articles in wikiGalaxy. I also believe that there is scope of adding more features in UI and structuring the information in a better way when someone clicks on a star in  galaxy (article in wikipedia). Currently, the data appears scattered on screen and is not readable. As a user, I enjoyed the interaction with UI but could’t read well on the website, which seems to be the prime focus of the project.


2.  “Handheld” by Pors and Rao

Handheld is an interactive art piece. It simulates the motion of a small person holding a big piece of paper in both hands and trying to balance it. What I found most impressive about this project is simplicity. There are not too many elements involved in the design to create an effective experience . Also, the motion of balancing the piece of paper seems real. Hands at the edges facing outwards create an image of a person hidden behind the paper facing towards the paper.  What’s missing or what can be added in this project at the cost of adding a little complexity is real time interaction with audience. If the motion of hand reacts to voice of a person, distance or ambient noise in the room, richer and engaging interactions can be created. If the artpiece is made into a painting and is made to tilt towards left when viewer says “left” (as if trying to get the orientation of painting right on the wall) and so on, I believe it will be more fun.