Zach Rispoli

10 Feb 2015

My parametric object became sort of a hybrid of the OF Addons assignment and the Parametric Object assignment, so I decided to do something a little simpler for my OF app which was to finish a project I had started earlier.

Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 8.04.06 AM

Last semester I was working on a system for Youtube users that adds a virtual Minecraft-themed mask to hide their faces. I got this idea after noticing how different the attitude towards sharing personal information online has become – when I was a kid on the internet, all of my friends were very careful on the internet, being wary of strangers/what we share, never even sharing our real names.

The app hides your face, but in an expressive/more ‘cool’ way than just pixelating/blurring it – you can import your minecraft character and use its head as your mask. I thought that maybe this program would help to bring back the feeling of wanting to be anonymous on the internet, which I believe is important in an age of mass data collection and surveillance on the internet.

The original version required the user to record their own screen, and could only use the default Minecraft character’s head. This version uses ofxVideoRecorder to record and save .mov files and also lets users user their own Minecraft skin.

Check out the original version here.