Andre Le

15 Jan 2014

I’m Andre Le, a masters student in Human Computer Interaction. I have a BS degree in Visual Design and have worked for about 5 years in the tech and advertising industries before coming here. I started programming at 10 years old when my 4th grade teacher introduced me to BASIC, Logos, and Hypercard. Today, I am a total geek and like to dabble in everything from  hardware/software hacking to video production.

A few other interests are martial arts (jiujitsu and muay thai), robotics, hip hop dance choreography, and food. :)

Mirror Mirror


Mirror Mirror, a game I developed in Fall 2013 in Paolo Perdicini’s Experimental Game Design class, is a collaborative multi-screen multiplayer puzzle game spanning 3 computers located next to each other. Each level contains one or more lasers, mirrors, and circular targets in a puzzle-like configuration. The 3 players are able to move and rotate the mirrors to bounce lasers across multiple screens. The goal of the game is to pass the laser(s) through all of the targets. In many situations, players are dependent on other players and must collaborate in order to effectively use the provided mirrors and lasers.




Download and Instructions


Github: andrele
Twitter: @andre_le