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About Ticha Sethapakdi

Ticha Sethapakdi is a sophomore in the School of Art. She enjoys arting, coding hard, playing the piano and guitar, and has other strange interests that are hardly related to each other. Art-wise, she is interested in creating things that are beautiful and interesting.


Twitter: @creativethumbs

Posts by Ticha Sethapakdi:

Ticha-IACD Final Documentation 12 May 2014
Ticha-Capstone progress 04 May 2014
Ticha-LookingOutwards-7 11 Mar 2014
Ticha-Quantified Selfie 03 Mar 2014
Ticha-LookingOutwards-6 16 Feb 2014
Ticha-Map 11 Feb 2014
Ticha-GIF (take 2…) 01 Feb 2014
Ticha-LookingOutwards-5 26 Jan 2014