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Currently a junior majoring in: Computer Science & Art.   I am Interested in video game development and wants to greater explore music visualization. I have a decent amount of 2D video game development and have made a large number of music videos. In IACD I want to either explore 3D game development or deal with music visualization programmatically instead of using videos or photos. Originally from Avon Lake, Ohio (a suburb of Cleveland).



Twitter: @itbmac

Posts by MacKenzie Bates:

MacKenzie Bates: (P 4.0) – Finger Launchpad 12 May 2014
MacKenzie Bates: (P 4.0) – Early Milestone (Finger Launchpad) 24 Apr 2014
MacKenzieBates-LookingOutwards-7 06 Mar 2014
MacKenzie Bates: (P 3.0) – The “Flappy Noise”
MacKenzieBates-LookingOutwards-6 18 Feb 2014
MacKenzie Bates: (P 2.1) – An Interactive Map 13 Feb 2014
MacKenzie Bates: (P 2.2) – openFrameworks Addons 11 Feb 2014
MacKenzie Bates: (P 2.3) – Scraping & Display
MacKenzieBates-LookingOutwards-5 27 Jan 2014