Andrew Russell

22 Jan 2014

rescue timeGoogle Location History

Similar to Open Paths but run by Google. I have been using Google Location history since March 2012. I have traveled across the continent many times with it enabled and have lots of interested data to parse. To help me parse this data, I will be using Journey to the Moon, which gives basic metrics. However, I am more interested in parsing recent data, to figure out how many kilometers I have biked, and during what time frames do I bike. To do so, I will have to write a program to parse the data myself, and look for how fast I was travelling.


My location history for the last 30 days

Rescue Time

As someone with a degree in Software Engineering, my life would be incomplete without knowing how I spend my time online. This is where Rescue Time comes in. It is a webapp / browser extension that tracks every website you go to, and how long you are on each one. It then has a categorization for all popular websites, and shows you how productive / unproductive you are when you use the internet. Unfortunately, my old account was deleted due to inactivity, so I will be starting fresh for this semester.

rescue time


I have an addiction. It is to bagels. Which is why I am going to track every bagel I eat, where it came from (homemade, bagel factory, etc.), and what type it is. I am also going to track bike maintenance to see how often I pump my tires, get flats, oil the chain, etc. I may track other data (guitar time?, video game time?) but have not decided yet.