Chanamon Ratanalert

28 Jan 2014


This project offers shallow contributions to the field, but I really connected with it. This “watercolor animation study” displays the movement of shapes and images in relation to music and in the style of watercolor. As a musical person, I was mesmerized by this project. When you first start watching, you think that the music isn’t necessarily related to what’s on the screen–maybe it’s just background music. But as you continue to watch and really listen, the visual’s connection with the audio is astonishing. I am also amazed by how the artist uses straight geometric shapes, that could look very rigid and cold, but the way they are animated brings them gentle warmth and lots of fluidity. This artist is definitely someone to check out; watch a video of another one of their works that I find interesting here.

Update: Apparently, the person who did this is pretty well known.

This video shows a test of a tracking project. This project displays a plane onto the floor and tracks a person moving around on it. The plane then interacts and adjusts to the person as they are moving around. I find this project a good contribution to the field because so many things can be done in an environment that interacts with the user. I always find projects that encompass the person interacting with it to be interesting. Project like this can be expanded to even greater interaction projects and art pieces, such as the Rain Room.

This project is a visualization of particles in which the user can change particle size, speed of rotation, and how spread out the particles are 360 degrees around the center (labeled as ‘rotation’). Though this project has a very simple concept, it can be used as a basis for various works of animation, visualization, or images. What I wish to be improved upon is the randomness and action of the particles to not be as jittery and reduce the feeling of being overwhelmed.