Emily Danchik

23 Jan 2014

InterestingUntranslatable Words from Other Cultures
While this might not be as much of a data visualization, I appreciate how the author used images to replace the meanings that are lost when trying to translate the terms.

Provocative: Watch Your Language
I’m not sure where this graphic originally came from, but it hasn’t left my mind for the past five months. The infrograph takes an aggressive tone in showing native English speakers how messy English really is, and finally implores us to have patience for those who struggle with it.

Well-crafted: Lose Sleep, Lose your Mind and Mental Health
The use of color and image in his visualization really drive the point home. I also appreciate the callouts, giving related information that wasn’t quite relevant enough to make it into the main infrograph, but is still important.

Another well-crafted infograph is An Infographic Is. Short, to the point, and clear.