Emily Danchik

29 Jan 2014

Whoops, I did the OFX addons for looking outwards 4, so I’ll do the OFX projects post here:

An important contribution to the field:Clouds
Hey, Golan worked on this! If I understand correctly, part of what makes Clouds so interesting is that it isn’t the same any time you watch it; the interviews segments get restructured, the people are visualized in different ways, etc. This could drive the future of film, especially with 3D cameras, which would allow the producers to move the frame of the shot to its optimal location, even after filming is done.

Seems quick but interesting: Spinning Vinyl
This seems super quick, but I like how the developer used the iPhone in a novel way. I can’t think of another application that relies on actually spinning the device around and around! It might be interesting to look into similar novel uses for a future project.

Number three: Starry Night
I like how this visualization is of something familiar, but reimagined in a new way. Seeing the movements of the brush strokes and being able to interact with them brings such life to the painting!