Emily Danchik

17 Mar 2014

I’m still figuring out what I want to work on for my final project. There are a few qualities that I’d like my project to have, so I’ll focus on those for now:

1. The ability to be collaborative

I would like to make a project which multiple people can use at once, and coordinate if they’d like to. I’d also like my project to be worthwhile for a single individual to interact with.
CLOUD, shown above, has this quality, although I’m not sure if it’s intentional. The cloud is made up of light bulbs, many of which can be turned off and on with a pull. Individual people can walk through and interact with the object in this way. Around the one minute mark, the crowd coordinates turning on all of the bulbs at once, and then cheers at its accomplishment. The artists intended for the people interacting with their art to feel a sense of wonder and collaboration, and it seems to have worked!
Aesthetically: I think the cloud looks beautiful, with its simple color palette and consistent constituent shapes. I also like the idea of interacting with a physical object, rather than a gesture.
Technically: It’s a bunch of light bulbs with pulls.
Culturally: Children come together to create wonderful experiences all the time. CLOUD invites people of all ages, presumably mostly adults, to relive that experience. I think that that’s pretty wonderful in itself.

2. Large physical movements

Outside of walking and exercise, I honestly don’t move much, and I feel like other adults don’t, either. I would like for my project to call for large, physical movements that aren’t too awkward, but that we definitely don’t perform every day as desk-bound adults.
White, shown above, is an art installation which is completely climbable, and also explores collaborative themes, like CLOUD. Climbing is so out of the ordinary for adults, and is such a wonderful experience, you can even see the artists smiling as they explore their own creation for the video.
I don’t plan to build a jungle gym in the Studio, but I would like to look into this more!
Aesthetically: Like CLOUD, I appreciate the simple, consistent shapes that constitute the project.
Technically: It’s a whole lot of plastic, looped together.
Culturally: Like CLOUD, it’s bringing child-like, wonderful experiences to an audience with older ages. We need more installations like this!

Above is 21 Balançoires, another installation that follows the themes of collaboration and physical movements. When multiple people coordinate their motions in a swingset, the installation produces pleasant music.
Aesthetically: This installation has a brighter, more colorful color scheme, but doesn’t overdo it. The parts of the swingset look clean and modern.
Technically: I’d guess that there are accelerometers hidden in the chunky bottoms of the swings, and wires leading up from them through the wide ropes holding the swing. These could then be sent to a computer which would determine the movement of the swings, and play sound clips appropriately.
Culturally: More child-like, wonderful, collaborative experiences. To bring these to desk-bound adults would be a breath of fresh air.

If all else fails, I’ll just fill the Studio with a zillion balloons and call it a day.