Haris Usmani

06 Feb 2014

I came about this idea by observing how people use their cell phone’s loud speaker and mouth shape so create Wah-Wah effects- I thought why not make it happen through OpenFrameworks. I chose ofxFaceTracker and ofxMIDI as these are well supported plugins and have Windows support as well (generally, OF Addons run on all platforms but these two have been tested on Windows as well).

It’s pretty simple, I used the FaceOSC example and added ofxMIDI to it to export face parameters to a MIDI port. I created a virtual MIDI port on my system and sent the Mouth Height data mapped as Pitch Bend- this Pitch Bend is used to vary the frequency of the low pass filter in my DAW i.e. Ableton Live.


Github Repository: https://github.com/harisusmani/Project3_FaceSynth

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