Dataset: New York Times Data

The New York Times API opens a lot of cool data from a variety of topics including government data, popular culture, and current and past events. The data is also very well structured so it is easy to parse and combine with other data.

Provocative Project: Livehoods

Livehoods is an interesting project that uses social media checkins to track where groups of people usually visit. It uses machine learning to identify patterns in behaviour and group people into small regional areas and develops neighborhoods based on where they usually go. With the data you has also infer which neighborhoods are related based upon where people go when they are outside of their home area.

Well Crafted Project: Adjectives

I really like this visualization because it is using Google search results to gain insight into people’s and societal behaviour rather than its intended use of information look up. It was a good idea, and the results themselves are also intriguing.