Sometimes you need to be able to control your applications in case they become sentient and try to kill you. This library allows you to do just that by being able to easily place control onto your interface. Very useful stuff.


This is a wrapper for the build in speech recognizer on the Mac, so it only works on Mac, but this type of technology has many uses. You can use it to feed commands to an application, or create something like my VECHO project, but for the desktop. It could also be used as the basis for an interactive sound art piece. It also does speech synthesis for all your HAL 9000 fantasies.


This library allows you to send and receive network traffic, of what appears to be all kinds, not just HTTP. This is great for any application that needs to communicate with another computer. You could use this to scrape content off webpages, and not just text like, but you could combine it with a computer vision library and process scraped images or other types of media.