Joel Simon

28 Jan 2014

In this project Matt Jones explored the phenomenon of pareidolia, the ‘natural human inclination to see faces everywhere around us.’ In which he uses ofxfacetracker to detect faces in everyday objects.

There are many more examples on the sight. I enjoy this project because of how it takes face tracking into new and usual contexts. It also brings humor the the imperfections of computer algorithms and helps to give intuitions into their workings.


A Journey – Dublin

Combining the virtual and physical int one experience, this project animates hand made drawing. Transparant slides are drawn on and entered, a light traces them which then paints and generates and animation which is projected onto the drawing slides.


Simple Harmonic Motion

Simple Harmonic Motion is a series of pieces around the effects of simple sinusoidal and harmonics. Of the 9 pieces I chose two which I particularly enjoyed for their deceptive simplicity and hypnotic nature. The first is the most simple and is simply dots osculating in some passageway. However, much is accomplished with very little and the audio effects are complementary to the visual patterns. The latter videos pull some 3d magic to create more elaborate representations of the notes.