Kevyn McPhail

21 Jan 2014

The current Idea that I have for the quantifying selfie is to use data like activity(FuelBand/FitBit), Food(Daytum) and Mobile Data Usage (Onavo) to to make educated guesses about my location and activity. I also want the selfie to have a broader aspect that could possibly look at how my location, what I am eating and what I am doing can influence my move and habits.

I plan on using the Nike Fuel + the Fit Bit band to monitor my activity and sleep patterns.

I will use Daytum to track data such as mood and what I eat throughout the day.

Lastly I will use Onavo to track my data usage on my phone.

I am also looking to getting texting and calling information from to see if the quantified data collected also correlates to who i speak to.