MacKenzie Bates

27 Jan 2014

Ridiculous Fishing: A Tale Of Redemption

“A handcrafted game about fishing with guns, chainsaws & toasters”

What more could you want from a finishing game? Well maybe a hook, but this game is about destroying fish not catching them. This beautiful game made by two-person Dutch indie developer Vlambeer was made is OpenFrameworks using Xcode. It is based on a flash game Vlambeer made to raise capital to start official development. The game was nominated at the Independent Games Festival for Best Mobile Game.

I am not huge about most mobile games, but Ridiculous Fishing wass quirky and goofy enough to catch my eyes and then it kept me around with amusing and fun gameplay.


Video Jockey Visualizer Using OpenFrameworks

Created by Anthony Scavarelli when he was asked to fill in as a “VJ/video jockey” for a local club. Since he had experience with OpenFrameworks, he decided to create an interactive experience. From this piece it appears Scavarelli created Luminartists, who specialize in creating “innovative interactive installations used to visualize a message in a public space” and whose tool of choice is OpenFrameworks.

I have been fascinated with music visualization for a while in both the form of music videos and photoshopped imagery. I am always trying to figure out new and better techniques to accomplish the task. I found Scavarelli’s work inspiring and it is cool to see that this one piece he made for fun allowed him to start his own company. Here is a cool piece Luminartists made with Cinder:


Töt. Visual Drums.

Töt is a project about using an electronic drum set as a physical interface to control visuals on a screen. The main principle of the project is to allow a drummer to perform the same way they would as if they were playing drums on stage, but transforming the rhythm into graphics.

This is an interesting use of OpenFrameworks for data visualization that differs from the video jockey visualizer from above in that it uses the drum as the data source instead of using a finished mp3 as the source, which I found interesting and allows for more organic live experiences.

The project was made by Aer Studios who work with Bestiario who focus “on the design and development of their interactive applications which focus on making large data sets more comprehensible.” They have a few nice data visualization works.