MacKenzie Bates

13 Feb 2014

It took a while for me to figure out how to scrape the data and how to use the mesh but after that it went pretty smoothy.

The hotels are plotted based on location with colors representing their rating. Green = well rated, Red = poorly rated, Blue = No rating given.

The user can zoom and rotate and can control what information is displayed on the Z-Axis.

[ENTER] – To view Price on Z-Axis

[SPACE] – To view Rating on Z-Axis

As would be expected we see that those which are more expensive have better ratings. Also amusingly it looks as if America has the worse rated hotels. However it seems like it may just be that far more hotels in the US reported ratings compared to other countries, so those in other countries may not typically report unless the rating is positive.

hotelVis_2 hotelVis_3 hotelVis_4 hotelVis_1

Github: Code