Spencer Barton

10 Feb 2014

Sleep from Fitbit

Screenshot 2014-02-10 18.30.48

I created a d3 heatmap using my total sleep time over the past few weeks as recorded by my fitbit.

The main challenge here was parsing the data. Temboo/Fitbit returned json with a bunch of escaped characters in unicode. This took awhile to deal with and convert to ascii. Pulling the data was very simple using temboo. Once I had data, python was immensely helpful with parsing and cleaning. I set-up sheetsee to hold my data which was fairly simple but I again had difficulties getting sheetsee to communicate with d3 stuff as they had slightly different formats.

I learned the most about d3 which was a new tool for me. I was impressed by the versatility though I had to work heavily from provided examples.


Live Project (sorry I couldn’t get d3 working in this page):