Ticha Sethapakdi

11 Feb 2014

Basically I did a very very simple implementation of ofxSpeech and ofxBox2D to create a ‘poetry visualizer’–when the user speaks into the computer, their words are spawned in the middle of the screen and float up to the top. The result is a muddled and hardly decipherable cluster of words from the poem bumping gently against each other. Unfortunately, the speech recognition addon doesn’t work very well (it was a miracle that I was able to record a mostly accurate run) and in order for the program to recognize the words you have to enunciate your words really awkwardly–if I were to revisit this project in the future I could try to improve it by using the Google Speech-to-Text tool which is apparently pretty accurate (though I would have to learn more about OSC).

The poem is Devotion by Robert Frost.

Github here.