Wanfang Diao

25 Mar 2014

For my final project, I would like to explore in interaction and visualization of sound/music. My inspiration comes from the 3 projects below:

This is a ipad app created by student from lifelong kindergarden group in media lab. It allows people create music instruments and playable compositions. I feel that there is still more potential space to create interaction and connection between graphic symbols and sound.  Colors can be mixed together, sounds can be harmony together.  Graphics can change from one shape to another, sound can rise from one pitch to another. Shapes can shake, spin or jump, so does sound! So I think the interaction and the mapping should not be limited in tapping a colorful graphic shape and it make a sound.

What makes me more excited is the two Japanese MVs below:

I am impressed by the matrix of camera flashlights with the wonderful music. The connection between the sparks and the rhythm strongly touched me! These two works inspire me that besides some thing playful and funny, I can also try something touching or exciting. Anyway, I’ll start from some simple experiments by processing and openFrameworks.

Here is another project I admire  and similar with my idea called patatap.