23 Mar 2015

Tweetable: Drum Machine + Dancing Robots!

I divide my project into two parts, the drum machine, and the dancing accompaniment. The project as a whole should map user-input beats information to audio and robotic movement.


In the drum machine part, I will show an imaginary turntable on the screen. This turntable has 4 rings, and each ring correspond to one music sample. User can arrange the position of music sample on specific positions of the ring, by choosing “skip” or “put” options on these positions, just before samples playback.


Input part is done by Xbox One controller.

Graphics is done by Processing, which has game controller libraries.


In the dancing accompaniment part, I plan to hack a dancing robot and design dancing patterns for it. The dancing patterns should correspond to the music. I guess if there isn’t enough time for me to get this part done, I should use animation dancing accompaniment as the image shown before.


Plan to use Arduino to control the robot. Haven’t figure out what the best solution for this part.


Research I have done:

Fantastic Drum Machines


Cute Dancing Robot:

Other Robots: (This one has an active community.)