Epic Jefferson

29 Jan 2015

Ever since I saw A Scanner Darkly, I thought of the possibility that the scramble suit could exist, it might already exist, projecting an average face onto a non-average joe. Kyle and Arturo’s work exemplifies how it could very well already exist, since many of our experiences are through the computer screen.

This is one of the projects that made me realize the power of this emerging media and programming as part of a much larger structure. The sort of thing where you say “I didn’t know you could do that!”. What’s also admirable is Kyle’s insight into how popular this sort of project would be. I wonder if it’s part of a nonchalant “this would be cool” attitude or a much more strategic approach and execution of a plan.

This project could be expanded to full head or even full body suit. Maybe it already has been. With 4k screens, flexible screens, the improvements in battery life and efficiency we may very well have already experienced the scramble suit and not noticed.

Reference – ofxFacetracker

Reference – A Scanner Darkly (book)