Matthew Kellogg – Looking Outwards 3: of


This openFrameworks addon created by Gene Kogan can be found at It is for calibrating a projector to a Kinect, allowing projection mapping aligned to the Kinect. This opens up a world of possibilities in projection mapping for the average user. If the source is well documented and easy to get running, it will relieve a lot of the strain of projection mapping. The landing page for the plugin on github shows some very simple code for translating a point on the projector to a point in world coordinates and back.

This is interesting to me because I’ve wanted to try projection mapping after running into a project called Box by Bot & Dolly. You can find it here on youtube. There are many other projection mapping works available on the various sites such as The Creators Project.

I found this example of the use of the addon. It is entitled Silhouettes and was created by Gene Kogan using his own addon (this addon).


This openFrameworks addon created by Matthias Oostrik can be found at This addon allows for 2D fluid simulation in real-time using OpenCL. It an extensive set of configurable options, and looks impressive. Here is an example of its use by the creator. This is interesting to me because I’ve always enjoyed good particle systems in work I’ve done and seen, and fluid simulation had always been out of scope due to the time it would take to implement. Having this completed package to integrate into works is an eye opener for what could be possible to incorporate into projects.