28 Apr 2015

A Hand Game:



Calibration in Unity


For my final project I decided to do a puzzle hand game which would live in your hand. To do this I am projecting onto the users hand and tracking its movements with the use of the Leap Motion.


Init test of calibration in Unity


Init test of calibration in Unity

After troubleshooting a lot to get to map the hand with the projector in Unity, I finally started thinking and polishing the game idea. I want to embrace the fact that the puzzle game has to live in your hand. But what is a hand game?

After doing some research and talking to people, the lines in our hands are unique. Everyone knows about them and we all have them. With this in mind I decided to use them as the main interaction. The lines will consist of walls in a maze with the objective of taking a ball to certain parts of the hand.

I did some research on the lines in our hands and selected the 4 main ones: (

  • Heart: {“Selfish”, “Love Easily”, “Less interest\n in Romance”};
  • Head: {“Clear/Focused”, “Physical”, “Creative”};
  • Life: {“Strength &\n Enthusiasm”, “Manipulated\n by Others”, “Plenty
  • Fate:  {“External Forces”, “Family & Friends”,”Controlled\n by Fate”};


From this lines, I selected 3 different ones for each. This way the user gets to experience the different meaning of the lines.

So at the beginning of the experience the hand will start of one color representing one of the 4 categories. The user will have to choose a line for each category to construct its playground:


After testing it, I realize that the text was very hard to read, so I am thinking on a way to iterate over it. Once the user has selected the lines, when they turn the hand over, the lines will be there:


Version 1


Version 2




I did some research in puzzle games done with projection mapping:

  • Meta Field Maze – Bill Keays
  • Marble Madness
  • Q-Bert