Project-4: Capstone

A Self-Directed Capstone/Final Project.

  • Peer reviews and critiques on April 8, 22, and 29.
  • Public exhibition 6-8pm on Thursday May 2.
  • All documentation due no later than 2pm, Thursday May 9.

You are asked to create a final project on a topic of your own interest. Capstone Projects may explore any topic related to freestyle computing, computational design, culture hacking, and/or interactive art. It is permissible to create a revised version of a previous project if your project is significantly re-worked. The intermediate due dates for this project are as follows (with more details in the class schedule):

M Apr-01  Background research due, in "Looking Outwards" format.
M Apr-08  Sketch due; peer review.
M Apr-15  "Hard-Part Solved" (Hurdle) due.
M Apr-22  Prototype due; peer review.
M Apr-29  Project due; peer review.
R May-02  Final exhibition (6:00-8:00pm).
R May-09  All documentation due (2:00pm)

Final Project Deliverables:

  • Participation in the public exhibition on May 2nd:
    • In late April, you will be asked to provide information for a small placard and event program describing your work.
    • Your citizenship is requested in preparing the room, assisting your peers, advertising amd documenting the exhibition, and cleaning the room afterwards.
    • Although the public exhibition will run from 6-8pm, your presence is required in the room no later than 3:00pm in order to prepare the space and ensure that your project is in proper working order. Exceptions to this requirement must be made beforehand with permission from the professor.
  • A blog post (due no later than 2:00pm, May 9th) which details:
    • At the top, a 140-character Tweet describing what your project is.
    • Below this, a 75-word abstract summarizing your project in more detail.
    • Your inspirations and motivations, whatever they may be
    • Your background references (prior art, etc.), including links.
    • Your process: intermediate failures and waypoints.
    • Still-image (photographic/screenshot/diagrammatic) documentation of your project, as appropriate.
    • An embedded video of your project (see below)
    • Introspective appraisal (self-evaluation) and conclusions
    • A link to your Github repository for your project.
  • A video (embedded in the blog post) documenting your project, with:
    • Screengrabbed video if appropriate
    • Video of someone using the project, if appropriate
    • A narrative voiceover and/or explanatory subtitles
    • Credits to you, your collaborators, any background music, and the Spring 2013 IACD class
  • An icon for your project (300×100 pixels)
  • Graduate students are also expected to submit a formal write-up of their final project in the form of a 2-4 page short paper, preferably in the CHI short paper or extended abstract format.