Lecture 02-25

Some (Early) Interactive Kinectics/Audio/Vision

Marcel Duchamp, Bicycle Wheel (1913)

Bridget Riley, S Current (1964)

Yaacov Agam, Vibralite (1961)

Yaacov Agam, polymorphic picture (early 1970s)

Servulo Esmeraldo (early 1960s)


Nam June Paik, Random Access (1963)

Nam June Paik, TV Magnet (1965)

Steina & Woody Vasulka, various video experiments (1960s-1970s)

Jeff Lieberman & Dan Paluszka, Absolut Quartet (2008)

Some Full-Body Interactions

Erkki Kurenniemi, DIMI-O (1971)

Myron Krueger, Videoplace (~1974-1989)

David Rokeby, Very Nervous System (~1986-1990)

Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, Surface Tension (1992)

Jim Campbell, Hallucination (1993)

Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, The Trace (1995)

Scott Snibbe, Boundary Functions (1998)

Daniel Rozin, Wooden Mirror (1999)

Daniel Rozin, Peg Mirror and Weave Mirror (2007)

Camille Utterback & Romy Achituv, Text Rain (1999)

Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, Underscan (2005)

Philip Worthington, Shadow Monsters (2005)

Scott Snibbe, Make Like a Tree (2005)

And some more projects by Scott

Christine Sugrue, Delicate Boundaries (2007)

Christine Sugrue, Base8 (2011)

YesYesNo, Night Lights (2010)

Chris Milk, The Treachery of Sanctuary (2012)

Some Interactions with Artificial Life

Christa Sommerer & Laurent Mignonneau, A-Volve (1994-97)

Ulrike Gabriel, Terrain01 (1993)

Ken Rinaldo, Autopoiesis (2000)

Karolina Sobecka & James George, Sniff (2010)

Some Interactions Involving Eyes & Faces

Art+Com, Zerseher (1992)

Christian Moeller, Cheese (2003)

Zach Lieberman, Olga Bell et al, Chase No Face (2011)

Navigating & Augmenting Space, Interactively

Jeffrey Shaw, Legible City (1988)

Kazuhiko Hachiya, Inter-discommunication Machine (1993)

Takehito Etani, The Third Eye (2002)

Christian Moeller, Mojo (2007)

Julius von Bismarck, Image Fulgurator (2007)

Julian Oliver, Artvertiser (2008)

Some Dance and Technology

Klaus Obermaier, Apparition (2004)

Chunky Move, Mortal Engine (2008)

Wrecking Crew Orchestra (2012)


Scott Snibbe, Blow Up (2005)

Zach Lieberman & Marco Tempest, AR Magic 1.0 (2009)

Hand from Above – Chris O’Shea, 2008 (video)
Unsuspecting pedestrians will be tickled, stretched, flicked or removed entirely in real-time by a giant deity.

Puppet Parade, Rise and Fall, Night Bright – Theo Watson and Emily Gobeille

le Monde des Montaignes – Camille Scherrer, 2008

Body Dysmorphic Disorder – Robert Hodgin, 2011 (video)
All that’s left is to add back in the original color values and voila, instant fatsuit and extremely creepy late-night distraction. In order to push the creepy vibe, I am only drawing the frags that are within a certain distance to the camera. If they are background frags, I discard them entirely. This ends up being extra useful because the depth image from the Kinect has a bit of parallax shadowing on the side where the depth data goes to black. Eliminating the drawing of these unwanted artifacts will clean up the final image quite a bit.

Text Rain (1999, Camille Utterback & Romy Achituv)

Laser Tag – Theo Watson, Evan Roth, Grafitti Research Lab, 2006 (video)
During a cold week in February, armed with several high power lasers, two hardcore projectors and a camper van, the Graffiti Research Lab and I went about turning the back of a large office building in Rotterdam into a massive laser-tagable space. Writers from all over Europe came down to have a go at writing their tags 140 feet high. Kids, old people and random members of the public all enjoyed being able to write messages on a building which could be seen across the whole city.

Nuage Vert – Helen Evans & Heiko Hansen, 2008 (video)

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