Special Dates

In normal circumstances we will meet each Monday and Wednesday morning until the beginning of May 2013. Please note the following special dates:

  • Power Pixels, a new-media exhibition at Wood Street Galleries, opens January 25.
  • Sifteo, Inc. will be supporting a Sifteo cube hackathon for our class on January 25-27.
  • [En]Coding Architecture, a new-media conference, takes place at CMU from February 7-9. The conference features lectures and computational design workshops by Dan Shiffman, Golan Levin :) and many others.
  • No class sessions on March 11 and March 13, due to Spring Break.
  • Golan will be away March 20, owing to the Resonate conference. Class still meets.
  • The Wats:ON Festival, a new-media festival, takes place at CMU from April 4-6.
  • Aaron Koblin will visit and lecture at CMU, April 10-11. Student meetings may be possible.
  • Our IACD Final Exhibition is Thursday, May 2, at 6pm.

Daily Agenda

“P#” refers to one of our major Projects; “LO#” refers to a “Looking Outwards” assignment.

M Jan-14  P0 DUE; Introductions. Concepts: New media arts overview. 
W Jan-16  LO1 DUE (New Media Arts). Techniques: Processing, Max, OSC.
M Jan-21  LO2 DUE (OF). P1a due (OF prep). Techniques: OF, Github.
W Jan-23  LO3 DUE (ofxAddons). In-class work session.
M Jan-28  P1 DUE; small-group reviews. Concepts: Generative form.
W Jan-30  LO4 DUE (Infovis). Concepts: Information visualization.
M Feb-04  Lecture on Data Visualization and Generative Art. 
W Feb-06  P2a DUE (Data/Sketch); small-group reviews. Techniques: Vizualization.
          LO5 DUE (Generativity). Techniques: Generative form.
M Feb-11  In-class work session.
W Feb-13  In-class work session.
M Feb-18  P2 DUE; full-group critique.
W Feb-20  P2 DUE; full-group critique (continued).
M Feb-25  LO6 DUE (Interaction). Concepts: Interaction. 
W Feb-27  LO7 DUE (Vision). Techniques: Computer vision; Kinect.
M Mar-04  P3a DUE (Sketch); small-group reviews.
W Mar-06  In-class work session.
M Mar-18  In-class work session.
W Mar-20  In-class work session.
M Mar-25  P3 DUE; full-group critique.
W Mar-27  P3 DUE; full-group critique (continued).
M Apr-01  LO8 DUE (Capstone research). 
W Apr-03  In-class work session.
M Apr-08  P4a DUE (Sketch); full-group charette.
W Apr-10  In-class work session.
M Apr-15  P4b DUE (Hurdle); In-class work session.
W Apr-17  In-class work session. 
M Apr-22  P4c DUE (Prototype); small-group reviews.
W Apr-24  In-class work session.
M Apr-29  P4 DUE; small-group reviews.
W May-01  In-class work session; final exhibition prep.
R May-02  Final Exhibition, 6:00-8:00pm
R May-09  All documentation DUE (2:00pm)

Course Calendar

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Other Calendars

In addition to our course calendar (above), you may also find the following calendars helpful: