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28 Jan 2013

Dues make my nose blooding !!!!!!!!
Bloodnose actually with ofxosc + OfxBox2d.
This is a simply sketch with ofxosc+ofBox2d.
I trying to use other addones such as a combination of ofxCV ofxVector, but can not successfully build. So I decided to do it in a easy way with this two addones.These two addons are popular and with very good documentation. This may let a coding newbie do things less frustrated. With this experience I learn that the importance of good documentation such as coding comment and read me files.

The current technical problem is that I cannot update the circles behind the dude’s face…

PO4 - meng

code is here:


28 Jan 2013

The Upkit assignment got me to try out more than few dozen ofxAddons. It was like eye shopping in a shopping mall. I discovered a few that are remarkable for various reasons.



This is a screenshot of some of the addon installed at OF. Sometime during the work session, oF stopped compiling with no good reason, and after half an hour of panicked debugging and googling, I asked Zach Lieberman what to do. I thought it’s an Xcode error that happened when I changed setting for debugging, because it wouldn’t debug. He suggested downloading oF again, and it worked. I still don’t understand how addons work in actuality. I shopped around enough to understand what addons can do. Here are few favorites.

1. ofXAnimatable



This is a great toolkit to animate visuals in openFrameworks. It gives more than enough choices for oscillating data which one can use to position puppet or make generative graphics. While the tutorial is straightforward, I wish there was more examples which shows the addon in action. I didn’t know where to start with this addon and when compiled with other addons, there were major crashes which was difficult to nail down. However, it is mostly a problem of my unfamiliarity. 

2. oFxTldtracker



ofxTldtracker can mosaic certain areas of the vision. Cool thing is that even if the subject moves around in the frame, mosaic follows it. It also has two example code which gives me a good idea how to work with it. I like it because it vaguely resembles adult films or crime documentary where they hide victim’s face. I’d need to find a way to alter pitch of voice, and I can have Instant B-grade film filter. Wait… that’s a great idea for an addon! (Picture is an owl I printed as a test for 3D printer. and his bottoms are pixelated with the addon.)

TLD was originally published by Zdenek Kalal under GPL version


3. ofxTriangleMesh


This is a fun little addon that generates triangulated pattern when you draw on the map. I like it because it was easy to use, and the result looks like abstract artists like Sol Lewit. With a bit of research, I’m sure one can make Sol Lewit plugin or addon. I remember an art critic mentioning Sol Lewit’s understanding of mathematics was relatively simple. However it was his visual imagination that make great work. This addon also got me thinking more about relationship with Systems Art and Open source, which is a topic I have been discussing with artists like Kyle McDonald and David Horvitz.



28 Jan 2013

buddha_big Screen Shot 2013-01-28 at 12.34.29 AM


I wanted to capture the essence of the passage of Nirvana in a clean elegant way. There is nothing   I find more annoying, absorbing, and distracting than a loading bar – a curse of modern technology. You know that feeling when you have that smidgen of a bar left, but you can’t get to the end? That is one of many emotions that you have to throw away on your passage to freedom.

I used ofxProgressBar to create the loading bar. I used ofxTimer to interval the “Give up” voice which was synthesized using ofxSpeech.

void testApp::setup(){
value = 0;
max = 8000;
progressBar = ofxProgressBar(10, 10, 500, 20, &value, &max);
go = true;

timer.setup(10000, true);


void testApp::update(){

//you can never really get to the end from this application
if(go && value < = max){ value += 50; max += 51; } //Every 5 seconds encourage the user to give up his quest if(timer.getTimeLeftInMillis() < 5000){ synthesizer.speakPhrase("Give up"); } }



27 Jan 2013

ofxAddons! This was the hardest and most frustrating project for me. Being totally unfamiliar with the openFrameworks environment as well as both the Code::Blocks and VisualStudio 2010 environments, it took me a good long while to figure out how to do anything in these projects. As it turns out, most of the pre-built project examples for ofxAddons are for Xcode. Of the 15 or so addons I tried, I eventually got three to work, and this is the most interesting combination I found. This is a combination of underdoeg’s openSteer flocking example and toruurakawa’s FakeMotionBlur. While maybe not particularly interesting or ‘lazy like a fox’, I think the result is actually pretty graceful.

Git -> maybe someday, when github and I reconcile our differences


24 Jan 2013


This allows for the creation of those “magic eye” images.  If a person focuses there eyes in the right orientation (rather cross-eyed or defocused) then a three dimensional image becomes visible. Detailed explanation on wikipedia.  I have always enjoyed these images and I recall wishing, as a youngster, that I could make my own.  Now its possible! I want to make bizarre abstract three dimensional scenes.  I wonder if you could even make an animation this way, although it might be extremely difficult to keep in focus.



Fluids are amazing, and modeling them on computers is awesome.  This add-on is for solving navier-stokes equations for 2d fluid flow.  It can be in real time.  I am super interested in physical modeling and simulation to create generative sculpture and images.  This could be really useful for a larger form-finding process that involves flow.  For example many underwater creatures grow in the presence of flow.  The forms that these creatures display are often closely related to the flow conditions they experience as they develop.


While I find reading about the marching cubes algorithm interesting, I don’t think I really want to spend the time creating it from scratch.  Basically this algorithm lets one create meshes from scalar fields.  The resulting meshes approximate iso-surfaces, or surfaces that are formed from points that all have the same scalar value.  Iso surfaces of crazy scalar fields look awesome.  Also a special type of iso surfaces are called meta-balls.  Anyway it seems like a great tool for making nice blobs or meshes from stick-like models.  I am interested in making a bunch of 3d-printed nodes that hold dowels or metal rods.  Marching Cubes algorithm might be a good way of generating elegant connectors.


23 Jan 2013

ofxaddons yay!
1. ofxSelfOrganizingMap
This addon helps to implement a mapping of high-dimensional data to a low-dimensional space. I don’t know a whole lot of about self-organizing maps or unsupervised machine learning but I’m really interested in machine learning and from reading some of the linked wikipedia pages, the addon sounds pretty cool and may be something I’d like to experiment with when doing the data visualization project.
2. ofxOpticalFlowFarneback
I posted a video called Optical Flow Test that uses OpenFrameWorks and OpenCV in my previous post, which uses this addon. I’ll post it again for convenience:

I really hope to experiment with optical flow because I think it could be used as an awesome interface for something or as a way of exploring or mutating a virtual space to create a different kind of experience.
3. ofxGame
This addon contains useful classes for making 2d games in OpenFrameworks. The author provides a video demonstrating the addon:

Tecnópolis Pakapaka: the makingoff ofxGame from Patricio Gonzalez Vivo on Vimeo.

Making games (particuarly 2d games) is kind of my default so I imagine that as I’m learning OpenFrameworks I will want to make a game at some point. The author also suggests some Processing apps that are useful for making game objects so I think working with this addon will give me experience working between both Processing and OpenFrameworks.


23 Jan 2013


ofxFern by EPFL CVLab

ofxFern is not only useful in face recognition. It can help recognise all sorts of patterns, which inspired me of using it in my previous idea of logo recognition.

ofxMSAPhysics by Memo Atken

ofxMSAPhysics is an opensource, C++ 3D particle/constraint based physics library for openFrameworks 006+ and Cinder. Its main feature includes particles, strings, attractions and collisions. It is quite cool to make Pixar-style animation and data visualization, while the basic elements like particles and strings need to be tweaked before use.


Timeline library is used for reusing pieces from those big box applications like Aftereffects, Fireworks. It will be extremely useful when you want to add those effects in audio and video projects. What is more, data visualization will also depend on this library.


23 Jan 2013

{ofxPd by Dan Wilcox}

The ofxPd addon could be very helpful if you’re a Pure Data user and feeling more comfortable using Pure Data with sound related manipulation or prefer PD’s sound engine. It enables us to build patches in Pure Data and then directly use them in openFrameworks.


{ofxMSAPhysics by Memo}

A handy addon that simulate basic physics such as springs, attractors and collision. It could be very handy if you’re dealing with animations. It’s always fun to simulate “real-worldish” things in virtual environment and interact with them in the real world..

Also, he has a great fluid addon –ofxMSAFluid and music tempo detector ofxBPMTapper.

{ofxBackground – by JGL}

An openFrameworks addon to show several different methods of using openCV for foreground/background image segmentation

If you’re doing a project that would involve real-time cam streaming and needs to capture motions, I think that’s the very addon you want to try out. By tweaking thresholds and carefully choosing background, there’re many interaction possibilities..



23 Jan 2013


1. ofxSpeech – this is an addon for speech recognition and also speech synthesis. I haven’t tested it out, but I probably will for my addons assignment. The ability to recognize and generate speech is super powerful, and if it’s any good it should allow for an artificial intelligence to listen to you and make meaningful conversation. Actually, upon further brainstorming, I think I want to make my addons project be a robot that regenerates the same words that you say – like an echo but in a different voice – and I think if it’s loud enough and timed well I could throw people off so they lose track of what they were saying and have to stop talking. What fun!

2. ofxNameGen – this is an addon which generates names based on a seeded table. Something like this would be crucial if for example I made a procedurally generated game, or a series of procedurally generated characters, or if I wanted to become a famous rapper. (Did you know Childish Gambino got his name from a name generator?)

3. ofxBackground – this addon lets me separate the foreground of an image from a background, which could be utilized to give 3D effects to a 2D image. (Ie a perception of depth, especially for side scrolling). If this is really good, I’d love to see a game or installation which uses a set of locations and swaps out the background behind you in the image. Or we could delete the foreground and generate a level of a game based on the darkness or color of the background. I’d like to see some examples on youtube to see how good this is without having to plug it in and test it myself.


23 Jan 2013

ofxVoronoi Graphics by vanderlin

I love Voronoi.
I am hardly alone in this.
I could use it to interpret dartboard hits or my typical click history. I’m sure it would be pretty.
Maybe it can even do 3d.

ofxOscilloscope by produceconsumerobot

I do enjoy a nice signal. Especially if they are well visualized. The combination of this and a fancy ADC would allow me to capture the proprietary waveform of a commercial electronic transcutenaneous muscle stimulator I am trying to reverse engineer. I plan on using my own arm as actuators, much like Daito Manabe, but with my arms.

ofxNetworkArduino Hardware Interface by egradman

Firmata ain’t a bad way to control your world with less fuss. This could come in handy for my moon-laser project, wherein I need to read accelerometer and compass values from an Arduino and push servo positions based on web info on astronomy. I was surprised to see that, unbeknownst to me, this add-on was written by a close friend from LA. Small world of new media folks, I guess.