Austin McCasland

22 Jan 2014

Impossible Cube by @austastic ever seen this cube? It’s an illusion. See it from the other angles!

When I was young I saw a flat image from the correct angle that makes this appear as a cube. I was never able to recreate the shape with legos, or any other media. Frustrated I gave up. OpenScad gave me the opportunity to really test if the shape was possible. Turns out it was an illusion after all! I think I recreated the exact shape, but I could have played around more with different margins to make it seem more cube-like from other angles.





translate([0,10,0]) cube([2,2,14]);
translate([0,4,12]) cube([2,8,2]);
translate([0,2,12]) cube([14,2,2]);
translate([14,2,12]) cube([2,14,2]);
translate([4,14,12]) cube([12,2,2]);
translate([4,14,0]) cube([2,2,14]);
translate([4,14,0]) cube([12,2,2]);
translate([16,14,0]) cube([2,2,10]);
translate([16,4,8]) cube([2,12,2]);
translate([16,4,-4]) cube([2,2,12]);
translate([16,4,-4]) cube([2,10,2]);
translate([4,12,-4]) cube([12,2,2]);
translate([2,0,-4]) cube([2,14,2]);
translate([2,0,-4]) cube([12,2,2]);
translate([12,0,-4]) cube([2,2,14]);
translate([0,0,8]) cube([12,2,2]);

Sketches to come when I can get to my sketchbook tomorrow morning!