Chanamon Ratanalert

11 Feb 2014

This project was very rough to get started. After sifting through an uncountable number of addons to find ones that a. I liked and found useful and b. worked, I had a few addons at my disposal. As usual, I leaned toward attempts at an audio project. I initially wanted to have some sort of interactive music player, where one would play the notes, and then have a related visual being manipulated. This was for the idea of connecting audio with visual, but I couldn’t find any visual addons that cut it. Long story/long few weeks later, I settled on ofxTonic and ofxBox2d. My burgeoning idea was that when music is made or played, the notes not only flow together, but play together. I found that when the Box2d circles drop and bounce around, they interact with each other quite a bit, like musical notes do. So, I decided to combine a Tonic keyboard with musical Box2d shapes to have the notes “play” with each other after being spit out.* This is what I produced:


Screen Shot 2014-02-13 at 11.58.17 PM 2

*Musical notes: (pun slightly intended) I initially had the keys go from A chromatically up to G#, but the horrible sounds of minor seconds made me switch. I mixed up the keys to form chords between adjacent three keys so hopefully the sound produces will at least be minor or major triads.