Chanamon Ratanalert

24 Apr 2014

What is my project? – An interactive children’s book designed for the iPad and accessed through Chrome (using Javascript/HTML)

Why did I choose this project?
– Illustration
– Pop-up Books

What is the point of my project? – Incorporate the reader into the story by allowing them to unfold it themselves. I want interaction on each page to draw in more connection from the reader than just flipping through a picture book would.

Why do I have so little done?
– I took longer attempting responsiveness for multiple device sizes that I’d like to admit
– I’m not super speedy at illustrating all the images and animations

Concerns for the rest of work I have:
– Overall experience won’t be good enough
–> I don’t have time to compose and record music
–> It might be pretty easy just to tilt and shake to push through the story and never read it

< <<< eh >>>>
– using phone and comp like roll-it isn’t as “pop-book-esque” as my goal is
– tilt too sensitive on mobile device
– calibration to starting position for what is considered “level”

One thought on “Pre-Final Critique

  1. Chanamon Ratanalert Post author

    – tiny details all over the page to make animations less static (ex: weeds blowing in the background, birds flying in the sky, blinking pigeon eyes, things in the city building windows)
    – vary interaction techniques (tilt L/R & F/B, shake, touch, mic)
    – music: the bad birdie stories, javascript rando sounds
    – storystorystorystory

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