Emily Danchik

18 Feb 2014


This project was done at Disney Research on the CMU campus. Using a small device that shoots air at the participant, the project can simulate the feeling of pressure on one’s hands, such as blocking a soccer ball or feeling a butterfly fly up and down one’s arm.
Tactile feedback is still in its infancy, and this is a good solution, given the technologies we have available.


The Evolution Door

This project takes an everyday object and reimagines it in a way that is novel, but still practical. Instead of opening and closing like a typical door, this one rolls to the side in two sections in one graceful motion. The interaction is no more difficult than opening a traditional door, just different. The design is elegant and functional.


Make Like a Tree

In this project, as viewers move in front of the installation, their shadows are recorded and replicated further and further back in the forest, in a kind of delayed, reflective interaction.