MacKenzie Bates

18 Feb 2014


Given the kind of weather we have been  having I thought this project was rather fitting. It is an interactive installation of a snow storm, raging within an abandoned, barren landscape. Using OpenFrameworks with OpenNI, OSC and custom shaders visitors become a part of the installation as their bodies are recorded and they are placed  within the storm in a line with their peers as they try to find a way out.

Weather Worlds

Thought it was an interesting compare/contrast to see two OpenFrameworks interactive weather-themed pieces side by side. Weather Worlds is an interactive installation that grants children weather controlling superpowers. Once again a camera and projection is utilized to allow visitors to become immersed in the environment. But instead of being a passive view who is scanned and then deposited, storms can be conjured with your hands, tornados twisted, you can literally make it rain (and in a far classier way than Juicy J’s Bandz A Make Her Dance interactive game).


This amazing projection augmented performance project has the goal to become the first single performance of “enra”. Enra is a new style of dance performance that combines video and physical expression. 

Not sure what they are using to accomplish the augmentation but it is quite impressive.

It is currently a Makuake project (Chinese version of Kickstarter I believe. Here is the page translated to english: here


An Interactive L-System generator to design trees.