Kevyn McPhail

11 Feb 2014

The goal for the Dual Hello project was simple: get two different addons in openFrameworks to compile together. Simple and Straight forward, or so I thought. The app i ended up creating changes gravity based on the expression of your face. However, for some reason the objects do not perfectly collide…but I’ll fix that… The hardest part for this project was actually getting the addons to work by themselves. I knew once I got that down pat I would be good to go. What made getting the apps to work hard was pretty much my lack of C++ knowledge in trying to get everything pointing at the correct objects. After I got the apps to work after switching editors and installing and re-installing, I though the app should be a fun interaction with one’s body. So I used the face tracker addon’s expression tracker to save expressions and depending on which one you chose, it move the shapes every which way.0