Matthew Kellogg-Looking Outwards 6

For my final project I hope to make a novel interactive game. My reasoning for this is that I started programming and drawing because of my interest in games. My hope is to design something abstract, aesthetically pleasing, and with focus on interaction.


Martin ‘grapefrukt‘ Jonasson (Grapefrukt Games), made a game with crisp graphics, solid gameplay, and a consistent design. In the game you work to expand a base while also building up an army of minions to defend it. It is also necessary to generate energy

I like it because it uses very simplistic shapes to create motions which are all very much related to the gameplay. There is subtle motion that floating objects take that draw the player’s attention without distracting.


I also enjoy the gameplay (as is illustrated), because I enjoy the RTS genre whenever I play. I like this game because it abstracts everything away from the setting of building a civilization and hold to the elements.


Stefano D’Alessio and Martina Menegon, created an interactive installation that draws users in with abstract symbolic representations of the body.

I enjoy this piece because of the simplistic design, in both visuals and technologies incorporated. For it to be so simply designed and to evokes such strong reactions from users, impresses me. I also like the smoothness of the animations, especially from the glob of squiggles into the stick figure.