28 Jan 2013


With Dan’s permission, I am going to delay shooting a video until a later time. The entire whimsy of Who Let the Dogs Out is watching the dogs run around, but they won’t be awake until maybe noon Eastern time.

Who Let the Dogs Out is perhaps the cutest and most whimsical of my projects. I use the IpVideoGrabber addon with XMLSettings and OpenCV and SoundPlayer to stream video footage from the webcams at the Sniff Dog Hotel in Portland, Oregon, and whenever the user presses a key they can start or stop the classic song “Who Let the Dogs Out” by the Baja Men. I wanted to more with this originally, but the ofMotiontracker addon was very naughty and substantially vexed me to discontinue its use. Further pursuits may include stripping the background subtraction algorithm from the OpenCVExample and then using the blob detection in a generative work.