01 Apr 2013

For my capstone, I’m pretty sure I’d like to carry forward my Interactivity project, Imisphyx IV, and turn it into something a bit more interesting. That said, this is going to be a tricky post — because honestly I probably wouldn’t be trying to build what I have in mind if I’d ever seen anything in the space that really satisfied me. In fact, my own project probably won’t either. Call me picky.

I’m running with the notion that this post will continue to expand as a poke around the space and make new discoveries. For starters, though, here are a few things related to my concept that sit peacefully in my brain.

Nonlinear tangible storytelling of a Jorge Luis Borges (also highly nonlinear) story.

Augmented Shadow from Joon Y Moon on Vimeo. (Thanks to John G. for suggesting this one!)

Arcanes from Ugo Bagnarosa on Vimeo

Neurofiction (A present from Can!)