03 Jan 2013


Hello Everyone,

My name is John (Can) Ozbay, and I’m a Music & Technology Master’s student. You may see my name written like : “Can”. It’s pronounced : “John”. This is my first spring in CMU, so don’t ask me for directions. My goal is to create different platforms and interfaces for artists and musicians. Here are just three of my projects. For more, please visit my website.

ICE : Interactive DAW Controller

ICE is a Digital Audio Workstation controller. It uses Kinect for hand-tracking; Quartz Composer and Obj-C as its core. It supports both OSC and MIDI.

Intended Usage : Kinect + Augmented Reality Glasses in concerts. (I used a normal projector for demonstration purposes as I couldn’t buy video AR-glasses in Turkey).

Possible Usage Fields :

  • Recording Studio, DAW – Recording
  • Broadcast Studio, Signal Routing
  • Concert Audio, Live Mixing
  • Concert Lights, DMX / CUE Control

Open Source iPad Mag. Publishing Platform

An HTML5-based iPad Magazine Publishing Platform for designers who hate programming

Last year, me and my visual designer friend, started working on an iPad Music Magazine project. We didn’t want to use Adobe’s Digital Publishing Suite, and pay hundreds of dollars to a 3rd party company just to publish it. While we were working on the magazine, I noticed that he hated it when I spoke computer language/code, and I realized what exactly makes Adobe so successful in their business. Visual designers don’t like coding. So I decided to design my own publishing platform. After spending two weeks with my visual designer friend, I created a new platform for digital publishing. It’s not the first, nor the best. However I created a platform for my friend, and for visual designers like him.

Human Re-Adaptation Act

My band, Coldest Fall’s drummer Elijah Wood, lives in New York, USA. Backing-Vocalist Mirna Pibernik lives in Zagreb, Croatia, and the rest of the band lives in Izmir, Turkey. (well, I’m in Pittsburgh now) After working on our second album Lines We Drew, and recording the entire album overseas, I decided to do something more extreme.

An old friend of mine Mirna Pibernik challenged me to make music together back in December 2011. So I accepted the challenge, and started working on the project. We planned the project as a package. Song, Music Video, and Marketing, all had to be one package, and it had to mean something as a whole.

We were pretty obsessed about the fact that humans are constantly damaging the planet. So we decided to act.

First, we invented a fictional activist group called : Human Re-Adaptation Act. We bought an international toll free phone number, +1 (855) 472-7762 got a website, printed out banners, and spread them around the city. (Mostly in Izmir, and Zagreb). The production took about 9 months in total. (2 months music, 2 months video production, 2 months post-production, brand license clearing took about a month, and 2 months of marketing) and finally, in September 2012 we released the music video. Due to the internet censorship in Turkey, video never took off on Youtube or on other social websites, however it achieved a fair attention in Turkey. Coldest Fall became #9 in Turkey’s Rock Charts. (It is also rare for an English-music making band to be successful in Turkey, therefore it was a success for us). Here’s the music video:

Well, those are just three projects. For more, check out my website.