25 Feb 2013

1. Augmented Shadow

I’m not sure what state this project is in but I find it very interesting.  It plays on the idea of a shadow using Augmented Reality by allowing the using to move around blocks to explore the mysterious shadow world that exists.  Personally I find the concepts of playing with shadows really intriguing and I think this is a really interesting play that could cause emergent storylines that are all dependent on the interaction of the user.  In this way, it also reminds me of an idea I had for an app that would allow the user to explore a story independent of a chronological storyline.

2.  Light Form by Mathieu Rivier

This is an interactive project that allows the user to affect a surface through touch.  The physical shape of the sculpture does not actually change but rather the shapes projected on the surface do.  I think the real “magic” of the piece is not so much in the interaction but rather in the 3-dimensionality that emerges through the interaction.

3. OKO – Interactive Journey Through NASA Image Database by Jeremie Forge, Pierre Rossel, and Nadezda Suvorova

This project is an iPad app that allows the user to explore images from NASA’s database by turning them into interactive puzzles.  I like the concept of this project because it exposes these beautiful images to the public on a mass scale.  I’m unsure about how I feel regarding the design of the puzzles; some are more successful than others.

4. Snail Space by David Hockney

This is one of my favorite pieces, located in the American Museum of Modern Art in Washington, D.C. It is not technically interactive in the sense that it cannot be experienced tangibly, but it definitely creates a experience that goes beyond the visual.  The exhibit consists of a mural that extents from the wall onto the floor and slowly changing lighting that turns the painting into a three-dimensional space that is constantly evolving.