21 Jan 2013

heliOscillator / visualdisplayunit, 2012

An audio visual installation that visualises the oscillations of sunspot size and density in a 7 part modular screen made with Arduino, openFrameworks and Max/MSP.

I like the overall execution of the installation. Especially how each hexagon has sub-sections of light rather than lighting the entire thing. The sound generated by the measured color and intensity really creates a sci-fi ambiance, as such you would be like in a spaceship. I think this piece has a nice balance between data visualization of light and sound. Adding a 2-layered visualization makes the installation very interesting. According to one of their videos, the artists we inspired by science fiction and the installation is a homage to movies such as Solaris (1972) and 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968).

Disrupted Cities / François Zajéga, 10-2012

An abstract visualization of wandering in a superstructure, 6 logs with dates and hours, made in openFrameworks.

The black & white contrast and the motion in this visualization is a wonderful depiction of wandering in a superstructure. I like how cluttered the black lines are, and yet you’re able to distinguish the silhouettes of buildings. I wished the artist would provide more information on his intentions. There’s literally no description or anything on his website about this research project.

Toccatatouch, Fabrica, 2012

The illusion of playing with the forces of a physical environment. A digital textile reacts to touch, changing its form and generates synthesized tones and noises.

I like how dynamic the generative art is and how it allows a user to modify and experiment different settings and dynamics with the app. Additionally, the generated sounds really complement the motion and form of the digital texture. Although, it’s not clear whether the sound changes based on the visual. I think there’s an opportunity here to create outputs for fabrication. Users can define their own form and aesthetic, which they can materialize through methods such as 3D printing.