23 Jan 2013

Screen Shot 2013-01-23 at 11.27.49 AM

Sifteo Cubes – Friends

Here is a small fun app I made, the idea behind is pretty simple. Every cube starts with a face in a normal mood, but once it got to make more friends (get paired with another cube), it starts to get more happier and more happier, until it gets little bit overwhelmed (4 paired cubes). Here is a list of the process of making this app:

  • I drew the faces in this great pixel art drawing app – Pixen (
  • Then I made a Processing app (code), for converting the bitmaps in drawing functions supported by Sifteo SDK.
  • Then I modified a little bit the “sensors” example, included in the SDK

It will be a bit more fun to play around with the real cubes, and not the simulator, but Europe shipping will be available in March. I will follow the development of this project, really closely, because the potential for creating great interactive kids games is a big one.

Demo Video:

The whole project on Github: