29 Jan 2013

Deb Roy – The Birth of a Word

MIT researcher Deb Roy, wanted to understand how his infant son learned language,
so he wired up his house with cameras and microphones and for 3 years, he recorded almost every moment of his life. After processing 90.000 hours of video, his team extracted information and data about how a child tend to learn new words or where are their house social hotspots. It’s a really astonishing data-rich research about how we learn and interact.

Evan Roth – Multi Touch Paintings

Could anybody steal your username and password by taking finger prints from your multi touch device, apparently not, if you play a lot of Angry Birds. Evan Roth created a series of provocative paintings with finger prints taken from his iPhone.

Skataviz by Theo Watson

Skataviz is an experiment using an iPod touch, attached to a skateboard, to visualize it’s movement in 3d space. I really love this project, because it shows how beautiful and complex skateboard tricks and movement can be.