06 Feb 2013

So, I’m really interested in generative work that functions as an interplay between a controller who sets things in motion and a second group who produce some novel/unique result set. Below are examples of this sort of work utilizing different techniques and even species to fulfill themselves.

Terry Riley In C

This is an aleatory composition by Terry Riley in which musicians are given a selection of phrases to play more-or-less as they choose with minimal instruction from Riley’s score. The resultant structure of piece varies widely from performance to performance. This piece demonstrates the significance of meticulously considered input and algorithmic process in service of exceptionally beautiful output. 

Hubert Duprat Trichopterae


Duprat’s project involves removing carapaces from fly larvae and placing them in enclosures with decorative materials (gold, precious stones etc.) The larvae utilize these materials to recreate their protective shells, which are then shared, shed and augmented by successive generation of larvae. The result of this process is the production of art objects whose materials are selected by Duprat, but whose form is created by the natural life processes of insects. Here’s a link to an article about the work in Cabinet.