24 Jan 2013


This allows for the creation of those “magic eye” images.  If a person focuses there eyes in the right orientation (rather cross-eyed or defocused) then a three dimensional image becomes visible. Detailed explanation on wikipedia.  I have always enjoyed these images and I recall wishing, as a youngster, that I could make my own.  Now its possible! I want to make bizarre abstract three dimensional scenes.  I wonder if you could even make an animation this way, although it might be extremely difficult to keep in focus.



Fluids are amazing, and modeling them on computers is awesome.  This add-on is for solving navier-stokes equations for 2d fluid flow.  It can be in real time.  I am super interested in physical modeling and simulation to create generative sculpture and images.  This could be really useful for a larger form-finding process that involves flow.  For example many underwater creatures grow in the presence of flow.  The forms that these creatures display are often closely related to the flow conditions they experience as they develop.


While I find reading about the marching cubes algorithm interesting, I don’t think I really want to spend the time creating it from scratch.  Basically this algorithm lets one create meshes from scalar fields.  The resulting meshes approximate iso-surfaces, or surfaces that are formed from points that all have the same scalar value.  Iso surfaces of crazy scalar fields look awesome.  Also a special type of iso surfaces are called meta-balls.  Anyway it seems like a great tool for making nice blobs or meshes from stick-like models.  I am interested in making a bunch of 3d-printed nodes that hold dowels or metal rods.  Marching Cubes algorithm might be a good way of generating elegant connectors.